• Great Coffee For All People

Great Coffee For All People

We roast specialty coffee for you and your friends.

Whether you crochet hats for your pet parrot or strictly enjoy listening to underground polish rap, we believe that great coffee is for all people. It is our passion to take it to every neighbourhood. Dedicated to our mission– we see coffee as a tool to foster human connection. We do this by roasting high quality, fair trade and organic coffees as well as supporting local organizations in our community.

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"What makes Stock and Crown coffee stand out is the way they truly value and care for their customers! I HIGHLY recommend this roastery – they deliver extremely delicious coffee through a personal experience"

Michelle R

"Being a Mom of 3 for many years , coffee is a necessity! However, that coffee hasn’t always been good. Stock & Crown is GOOD coffee . I drink it now because I actually enjoy it - not out of necessity"

Samara B

"Stock and Crown has become my "go to" bean for my french press. The perfect roast for someone who drinks as much coffee as I do!"

Corey R

"Just wanted to espresso my love of Stock and Crown Coffee! Placing my order was a breeze, the coffee was delicious, especially the espresso blend, and the quality customer service made the experience even better!"

Erin H

"Getting my Stock and Crown delivery brings me the same joy that I get when I walk into a cafe and can tell the vibes are right! You can taste the care that goes into each bag. They have inspired me to experiment with brewing styles because there are so many notes to discover"

Kwanita K