Our Story

Hey. We’re Stock & Crown. We're fellow coffee lovers. 

We believe that great coffee should be for all people. It is our passion to take it to every neighbourhood.

Every coffee has an address, we’re just a few people helping to tell its story of origin and by purchasing from small scale farmers through tangible support, we are able to ensure that our partners in the supply chain are fairly paid and taken care of. We see coffee as a tool to foster human connection. We do this by roasting high quality, Fair Trade and Organic coffees as well as supporting local organizations in our community.

By directly supporting local organizations in our own backyard, together - we can lift up those in need. A portion of every pound of coffee sold is donated to Light Patrol, an organization that works to meet the needs of impoverished and homeless youth.

As a roastery, it is our job to do the coffee justice. We hope you love it as much as we do.