Stock and Crown aims to impact our communities locally and globally. We do this by caring about how we source our coffee, supporting local initiatives and roasting the best Fair Trade and Organic coffee we can.

For more than 70 years, Youth Unlimited has been passionate about seeing young people attain their full-life potential by working primarily with youth coming from places vulnerable to poverty, violence, gang involvement, family breakdown, and spiritual impoverishment. 

Today - they are working in neighbourhoods all over the Greater Toronto Area with youth coming from diverse backgrounds and facing unique challenges. Their hope is that by cultivating relationships with caring adults who will mentor and cheer them on, they will be able to bring about positive change to our city – both now and in the future.

As a coffee company, we believe in this model of care, support and mentorship.  By directly supporting local organizations in our own backyard, together – we can lift up those in need. A portion of every pound of coffee sold is donated to Light Patrol in hopes of equipping their team in improving systems and replenishing resources.


Every coffee has an address, we’re just a few people helping to tell its story.

By purchasing from fair trade and organic farmers, we are able to ensure that our partners are supported through fair prices, community development and environmental stewardship. 

Doing our part for the environment is a priority. Purchasing certified organic means cleaner coffee, purer air, land, and water. Organic farms fight climate change by releasing less carbon than farms that use chemicals. 

Together - we can make an impact.