Getting the most out of your coffee

  • by Matt Hoyle

We've got you. Here are 5 tips to get you brewing your best.


Shiny Hardware
After you've purchased some delicious coffee, let's start with your brewer. Your coffee will be only as good as you set it up to be. Ensuring that your daily coffee maker is cleaned regularly will be your first step towards flawless cups. Oils from coffee linger in your machine and eventually go stale. Stale oils = bad cups.

When cleaning your brewer, avoid common soap as it can leave residue behind. We prefer using these. Keeping a few packets on hand will help greatly in the long run.


Burr Keeper
Your coffee is only as good as your grinder. The more you clean the burrs on your grinder, the longer they'll last. Coffee oils and fine grinds can build up inside, limiting the performance of the hardware. To clean your burrs, first - power off your grinder and unplug if possible for your safety. (hands + blades = ouch) Next, use a dry toothbrush or kitchen cloth to clean out all of your unwelcome guests.

You're on your way! If you desire a deep clean, our friends at Urnex make a product called Grindz. It’s flavor neutral, composed of food grade products, and does a great job eliminating stale oils, flavors, and residue from the burrs and grinding chamber.


Nature's Canteen
Use fresh, filtered water for brewing. Water chambers in electric brewers build up lime and calcium deposits from the water. If you live in a place with hard water, it's a good idea to descale the water chamber a couple times a year. We recommend using 1:1 vinegar water ratio to descale kettles. 

Urnex also makes a good descaling packets. Make sure you rinse everything really well before brewing again.

In with the New
Coffee is best consumed within 3 weeks of the roast date. Buy less, more often and stay fresh.

As always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions about clean machines or which coffees to try, holler at us at or dm us @stockandcrowncoffee.


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